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Every player would like to win consistently and in a big way. Using viable tips by employing efficient strategies is definitely the way to get forward. For that reason, knowing casino tips and tricks are vital because it builds up confidence and allows players to know where to start. Generally, there are four major strategies that can be applicable for poker and slot machines as well as for roulette. These games are the games of a chance hence four major casino tips, which manage the risks, recovers losses, and fixes wins are the most appropriate.

How to play and win by playing roulette?

Roulette is an outstanding example of how casino tips and risk management strategies can be used to win consistently. Each section of the roulette table has different odds and therefore chances of winning. The most commonly used places where bets are made are the chances bets. It has the payouts of 1:1, so the way how strategies are used is much easier to understand. The other bets have lower odds but greater payouts, therefore managing risks with the below-listed strategies have to be made with greater care:

  1. Positive progression online casino tips or Paroli is all about doubling the amount of money that is put at stake if the player wins and after the loss the player stops doubling;
  2. The other negative progression approach is called Labouchere. This is a more careful way of doing things as the player waits for the sequence of outcomes and then makes the bet on the opposite chance because the chances of win are higher e.g. red, red, red, so the next bet should be made on black. If the bet is successful, the win is hit if not the next bet has to be made on black again but doubled, and so on. Usually, players wait for a sequence of 3-5 outcomes and then have 3-5 bets to make, which makes it a total of 6-10 opportunities to hit the win;
  3. Fibonacci is a simple doubling right from the start when players also have 3-5 opportunities to hit the win and recover losses.

The number of tries is purely dependent on players’ budget and personal preferences but it is better to start with the lowest amount of money, perhaps 1.5-3% of the whole amount that the player is prepared to put at risk.

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How to play and win poker and slot machines

Casino tips for playing poker and slot machines are roughly similar. Those are the games of a chance with a slight difference of poker slots because it involves half of a chance. This is due to the fact that decisions are made by the player. The general advice for managing risks by playing those games are:

  • Divide the game into stints;
  • Each stints should be consisted of several bets;
  • Start making bets by placing the lowest amount of money as the wager;
  • The bets should have amounted to 1.5-3% of what can be put at risk;
  • If the stint is successful, the win has to be fixed;
  • After the win is fixed start over again;
  • If the stint is unsuccessful double the amount, which is put at stake;
  • If the turn does not bring the rewards to use Martingale strategy.

The player has to be prepared to manage risks by predetermining how many stints can be put at risk. Casino tips that are used for playing any slot machine are roughly similar and assuming that there are several dozens of bets in several stints, it will be easy to win and recover losses. Jackpot machines are slightly different because in order to hit the jackpot large sums of money should be put at stake but winning regularly is still possible because not substantial RTP difference allows to implement the same approach.

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